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Why join band?

Being in band is a great way to learn how to play an instrument, make great friends, and learn lifelong skills. Everyone in our band program starts off in one of our beginner band classes where they learn the basics of their particular instrument as well as understanding how to read and comprehend music.

What do you get out of band?

Music Ability: Participating in band provides an excellent opportunity for a 6th grader to develop and enhance their musical skills. Learning to play an instrument, reading sheet music, and understanding musical theory contributes to their overall cognitive development. Music is a universal language and builds human connection. 

Character: Students develop character being in band. Band helps students work as a team and develop leadership skills, dedication, growth mindset and perseverance through music.  Students will learn a long term skill that will lead to commitment in other things as well.

Community: Students will be part of a group with friendships that will last a lifetime! Throughout the year, the band will have social events where students will get to develop positive peer relationships through music, a place to belong, and a sense of contributing to a meaningful cause. 

Accomplishment: Students will gain a sense of accomplishment through learning how to play their instrument. There are many opportunities for students to showcase their talent, hard work, and make a difference in the lives of others!