Do I need prior musical experience to be in band?

No! Students will learn the fundamentals of reading music as well as how to play an instrument.

Asthma? Braces? Is it possible?

Absolutely! There are good instrument choices for every student who wants to be in band.

Can I be in band and athletics or other electives?

Of course! The directors work very closely with the coaching staff to make sure the kids get to participate in all activities.

Are certain instruments for girls and others for boys?

Definitely not! Instrument choices are not based on a student's gender but rather their desire to play that instrument.

Should I rent or purchase an instrument?

Rent! Renting an instrument will give your child the opportunity to begin in band with only a small initial investment. Your child can have the advantages of a brand new instrument and the opportunity to be the best player they can be by having the best available instrument for their age level. The instrument can be returned to the company at any time without further obligation. All rental payments will apply towards purchase.

What about buying used instruments?

Some used instruments are a good bargain; however, you could possibly end up spending more money on repairs than the instrument is worth. For this reason, we ask that if you do decide to purchase a used instrument, let a band director examine the instrument prior to purchase.

Are there any school owned instruments available?

Yes. The school provides the more expensive instruments: tuba, euphonium, french horn, oboe, and bassoon. These are assigned on the basis of aptitude, suitability, and availability. Parents whose child is selected to play one of these school instruments are required to pay a usage fee, and will still be required to purchase necessary accessories such as a mouthpiece and other maintenance items.

Can my child start playing as soon as they get an instrument?

In order to prevent costly repairs and the formation of bad habits, we prefer that the instrument stay in the case until the student can receive instruction. After formal instruction is given on the care and assembly of the instrument during the first week of school, your child will begin playing at home. This is to protect your investment! If you rent/purchase from a music company, the store will deliver the instrument and materials to our band hall before the first day of school.

Are private lessons required?

Private lessons are strongly encouraged for all students, but are not required. If your child takes private lessons, they will receive one-on-one instruction from a professional musician (many of which have graduate degrees). Click here for more information.